Lights, Camera, Influence: Boost Your Theatre’s Impact with Social Media and Influencers

The Independent Theatre Owners Coalition (ITOC) recently hosted an informative webinar focused on helping movie theaters boost their marketing efforts using influencers and social media. Attendees got to hear from top industry influencers and cinema marketing executives who shared valuable strategies to increase visibility and attract more patrons.

Last month’s ITOC Connect webinar featured a conversation between Harry Medved of NATO and The Cinema Foundation and special guest Gabriella Gomez, founder of the Department of Influence. Gabriella shared insights into her journey as a leading influencer and gave tips for exhibitors to engage with influencers on platforms like TikTok. She emphasized how movie theaters can either become influencers themselves or work effectively with outside influencers to drive engagement and ticket sales.

Presentations followed from Haleigh Oetting, Director of Social Media for B&B Theatres, and Andrew Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer for Santikos Entertainment. Haleigh discussed the success of B&B Theatres’ Brand Ambassador Program and the significant impact of influencer marketing on their campaigns. Andrew shared tips on creating engaging content and showcased successful campaigns that Santikos executed to add fun and excitement for their moviegoing audiences.

If you missed the live session, the recording is now available.