Legislative Priorities

In the heart of communities across the United States, cinemas are more than entertainment venues; they are cornerstones of cultural vibrancy and economic vitality. NATO recognizes the critical role that federal, state, and local government decisions play in the operations of movie theatres, their workforce, and the moviegoing experience. As the voice of cinema operators, NATO is dedicated to advocating for policies that foster an environment where our members and their employees can flourish, driving innovation and ensuring the magic of the moviegoing experience endures for generations to come.

At NATO, we believe in the power of the marketplace to drive innovation and solutions. Our advocacy focuses on ensuring that movie theatres can operate with minimal government intervention, fostering an environment where consumer choice and industry innovation lead the way.

Ticket Fee Disclosure: We are actively working to exempt movie theatres from broad legislative mandates requiring all-in ticket pricing, advocating for transparency that doesn’t negatively impact the unique dynamics of the cinema industry and increase the cost of moviegoing. 

Open Captioning: Cinema accessibility for all moviegoers is a priority in our industry.  We offer closed captioning options across the nation. Rather than the government imposing overly broad legislative mandates requiring a one-size-fits-all approach to captioning, we believe the best results for all consumers come from collaborative market-driven approaches that meet the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

NATO champions policies that underscore the significant economic impact of cinemas. From advocating for competitive credit card processing fees to seeking tax reforms that encourage investment and innovation, our goal is to ensure cinemas continue to be pivotal economic contributors.

Swipe Fee Reform: Joining forces with a broad coalition, NATO is at the forefront of advocating for reforms that promise fair credit card processing fees, aiming to lower operational costs and foster payment security and innovation.

Tax Relief for Capital Improvements: We are exploring tax relief opportunities that incentivize sustainable investments in cinema infrastructure, enhancing the moviegoing experience while supporting economic and cultural community benefits.

NATO’s commitment to the moviegoing experience is unwavering. We advocate for policies that protect and enhance this unique experience, ensuring cinemas remain accessible and enjoyable for all.

Movie Theatre Access for All: Cinemas are dedicated to providing affordable and accessible out-of-home entertainment for all of their patrons regardless of disability status. To that end, NATO has been engaged with advocates and governments to ensure equal amenities and enhanced access for their patrons.

NATO collaborated with the nation’s leading deaf and hard of hearing associations on an historic initiative that brought closed captioning and audio description to digital cinemas ensuring access to nearly every movie at every showtime. Additionally, NATO continues to advocate for voluntary open captioned programming in many markets across the country.

To safeguard this inclusivity while preventing legal exploitation, NATO supports reform in the enforcement mechanisms of the ADA to prevent abuse of the system through opportunistic lawsuits focused on quick financial settlements, ensuring that the law serves its intended purpose of promoting accessibility without imposing undue burdens on small businesses striving to comply.

Organized Retail Crime: NATO supports comprehensive strategies to combat organized retail crime, endorsing legislative efforts that provide resources and foster collaboration among law enforcement and businesses to safeguard communities.

Stay Informed. Stay Engaged. Your voice matters in shaping the future of cinemas. Learn more about our advocacy efforts, and find out how you can support legislation that impacts the cinema industry.