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Jason Blum on why horror movies are better on the big screen


Deadline: IATSE, Teamsters & Studios Will Resume Talks March 18; Guilds Expected To Caucus Next Week

After four days of joint talks with the studios over health and pension benefits, IATSE, the Teamsters and other Hollywood Crafts will take next week to “caucus” and return to negotiations with the AMPTP on March 18.

“Negotiations have adjourned for the week. In terms of scheduling, union members are advised the Negotiations schedule is fluid and may be subject to change on short notice,” IATSE told members in a missive sent out this evening. “Next week, March 11-15 is expected to be a caucus week, meaning the employers and union Negotiating Committee only meet with themselves, and do not meet in joint sessions with both parties across the table.”


McKinsey & Company: Latinos in Hollywood: Amplifying voices, expanding horizons

In this article, we describe how addressing opportunities unique to Hollywood could lead to a triple win of higher industry revenue, a broader and richer range of Latino stories for all audiences to enjoy, and a more hospitable workplace for Latino professionals. The industry could generate an additional $12 billion to $18 billion a year in annual revenue—about 7 to 10 percent of today’s $179 billion—if Latino representation in Hollywood improved.