Watch the Recording – Members-only Webinar: Mental Health Tips for Movie Theatre Employees

On Thursday, April 18, at 11:00am PST/2:00pm EST NATO and the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation hosted a webinar focused on mental health strategies for theater employees.

Acknowledging the challenges inherent in interfacing with the public, the team at Will Rogers shared invaluable insights and best practices designed to foster emotional resilience and well-being.

This comprehensive session provided practical guidance for both employers seeking to cultivate supportive environments and employees navigating the demands of public interaction. Will Roger underscored the critical importance of prioritizing mental health.

Members-only Webinar: Cybersecurity

Fortifying the Big Screen: Cybersecurity Strategies for Movie Theater Operators

If you weren’t able to join us live for this webinar, you can watch the recording here in our archive.

Businesses are increasingly becoming targets for sophisticated cyber attacks. This webinar is designed to shed light on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats from box office transactions to customer data protection. Participants will gain invaluable insights into the specific vulnerabilities that theatres face and learn strategies to enhance their cybersecurity measures.

This event features Ashley Jones, Cybersecurity Advisor (CSA) for Washington D.C. – Region III, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. With her extensive expertise, she will guide exhibitors through the unique set of cybersecurity challenges the industry faces.