NATOPAC, the non-partisan political action committee of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), is committed to fostering a united voice within the movie theater industry. Through voluntary contributions, NATOPAC empowers NATO members by supporting candidates and incumbents who champion pro-movie theater and pro-business policies at the federal level. When NATO members support NATOPAC, they play a crucial role in ensuring that the interests of the movie theater industry are well-represented in the nation’s capital. Join us in our mission to shape a favorable public policy environment for cinemas and contribute to a thriving future for our industry.


Through NATOPAC, NATO members and their staff have the opportunity to make non-tax deductible contributions with personal funds. By welcoming contributions from these diverse stakeholders, NATOPAC ensures broad participation and representation from within the theater industry. We appreciate the support of these members in our mission to advocate for the movie theater industry. We value the involvement of these members in shaping the industry’s future.

The following Q&A provides internal association guidance on NATOPAC operations. 

Who can NATOPAC solicit?

  • Prior approval is not required for NATOPAC to solicit contributions from noncorporate members (such as individuals and partnerships) of the association.
  • NATOPAC may solicit the association’s executive and administrative personnel and their families.
  • NATOPAC must have prior approval to solicit contributions from executive and administrative personnel and stockholders of member corporations, and their families. Such approval can only be granted by an authorized representative who conducts regular business with NATO. The corporate member may only approve solicitations by one trade association per calendar year.

Can approval be requested via the internet?

NATOPAC can distribute a “permission to solicit” form to its members on a members-only website. The form must include all the required information for obtaining approval but must not include a solicitation. 

Can NATOPAC solicitations in member dues statements or recruitment packets?

  • NATO may include a request for voluntary PAC contributions in dues statements for members who meet all of the qualifications of a proper solicitation. 
  • Member recruitment materials must not include solicitations. Potential new members do not yet satisfy the conditions for membership and are not within the restricted class for PAC solicitations.

Can NATOPAC post a solicitation on the association’s website?

Solicitations must be confined to webpages that are accessible only to the restricted class via a password.

Can a NATOPAC solicitation be included in internal member publications?

NATOPAC may solicit contributions through publications that are directed only to members of the association’s restricted class. While there are exceptions under federal law, it is NATO’s policy to not include PAC solicitations in any publication that is distributed beyond the restricted class. 

What notices are required on all solicitations?

Federal law requires certain notices on all NATOPAC solicitations (oral or written). These notices include:

  • A statement of NATOPAC’s political purpose.
  • A statement informing solicitees of their right to refuse to contribute without reprisal.
  • A statement on a guideline for an amount is merely a suggestion; no minimum may be specified.

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