Permission to Solicit

Per Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations, trade association PACs like NATOPAC must obtain permission (prior approval) from a corporate member’s primary contact for the association before soliciting their executive employees for contributions. The primary contact is defined as one of the representatives of the corporation with whom the trade association normally communicates. Federal election law permits a corporation to authorize only one trade association to solicit its employees during a calendar year. Granting prior approval does not obligate you or your colleagues to make donations to NATOPAC.

If your company wishes to grant prior approval for the current year plus up to four consecutive additional years, please complete the NATOPAC Prior Approval Form below to grant NATOPAC authorization to solicit your company’s executive staff. If you have any questions, contact Todd Halstead at

I understand that federal law requires NATOPAC to obtain written permission in order to share information and solicit contributions from NATO member companies’ executive and management personnel. I further understand that a NATO member company can authorize only one trade association per calendar year to solicit its employees. By signing this form I affirm that I have the authority to do so within my company.

Permission to Solicit form